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Title: SMF2+ Meetings in 2018
Post by: Mediator on December 27, 2017, 06:07:37 PM
Announcing the SMF2+ Meetings in 2018
to be held in:
   * Netherlands, Amsterdam, from January 14 to January 19
   * Russia, Saint Petersburg, from January 20 to January 25
   * Germany, Am Hagen 10, 34508 Willingen (Upland), from March 10 to March 20
   * USA, Florida, Saint Petersburg, April 19-23
   * Peno, Russia, July 1-August 10
   * Other locations on Earth - to be determined

* * * * *

More exact locations and meeting times to be determined
     in ~Private Dialogues with Mediator~ board .

Those participants who are confirming their intention
      to attend the corresponding meeting for the first time -
  are getting the code of Human Invitation to the Dialogues Entrance
      (HIDE code, a sort of the abstract nickname, or password,
                  allowed to be changed between the meetings).
Just the HIDE code is to be pronounced distinctly
     to the SMF2+ Mediator at the meeting entrance,
while NO any Human Identification Document on the Earth..
                   is needed instead,
      for participation in the meetings.

The initial conversations in the Meetings will be held
            within working groups composed of 2+ mediators
            depending on the predefined subject details
                             of the live conversations.

The expected agenda of the Meetings includes the consideration of:

* the participation of the United Nations Organization
  in providing the production of the Human Identification Document on the Earth
               and delivering identification documents to corresponding Humans
     within the whole process of Human Rights defense
            in agreement with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
                                  in Russian language edition,
               including art.13, art.6, art.15;

* the defense of the violated rights of Soviet Humans
      both before and after the announcement of deportation
           of the Stateless natives of Russia
           beyond the borders of the Russian Federation
           according to the Federal law dated November 12, 2012 N 182-фз
           ~Regarding amendments to the Federal law
            "Regarding the citizenship of Russian Federation"~;

* coordination of the procedure of the acceptance of the requests
               from Humans, including those captured and kidnapped,
                            or having disappeared involuntarily or voluntarily,
               to the Heads of the International Organizations,
                                       not captured presumably,
               like Geneva International Centre for Justice (