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2016 SMF2+ Symposium
« on: May 22, 2016, 07:43:47 AM »
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  • Announcing the
    2016 SMF2+ Symposium
    to be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia
    June 8 - 18, 2016
    Additional meeting times and locations to be determined
    in ~Private Dialogues with Mediator~ board .

    In case of any misconception discovered in suggested Private Dialogues channels,
    email Mediator at

    * * * * *

    The Symposium is devoted to consideration of Humans' achievements
    in Human Rights defense and Survival of Stateless natives in Russia
    up to the recent public refusal of Russian Federation (14 December 2015)
    to follow the Universally recognized principles and norms of international law
    and the international treaties of Russian Federation,
    including the Decisions of International Courts
    (in violation of art.15 of Constitution of Russian Federation).

    Bases for the above statement: "Putin signs law allowing Russia to declare decisions of ECHR unconstitutional"
    White&Case: "Russian law on the priority of the RF Constitution
              over resolutions of intergovernmental human rights bodies"
    Debevoise&Plimpton: "Law on the Procedure for Review
              by the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation
              of Enforcement of ECHR Judgments"

    ECHR=European Court of Human Rights

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    2016 SMF2+ Symposium Report
    « Reply #1 on: July 04, 2016, 04:00:39 PM »
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  • Symposium-2016 gathered new Soviet Humans
    which reported their current political status
    and exchanged by recent achievements
    in searching for ways of surviving during withstanding
    the invasion of Motherhood by criminals of Russian Federation.

    The world of Soviet people has been turned up-side-down
    and ruined significantly since 1990, 1991
    by an attempt of the USSR Authorities to recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948
       by mediating interpretation of it from original language to Russian language
          by the Law of USSR on September 5, 1991 № 2393-I
          "Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms"

    and by the related Conclusions of the Committee of the Constitutional Supervision of the USSR,
    in result of consideration of the matters on Committee's own initiative,
     while neither the majority of population of the USSR were/are Humans yet in reality,
    nor the USSR citizens were/are declared to be recognized Humans
                          in the definition of the "citizen of the USSR".

    Having become recognized Humans - the population of the USSR stopped being the citizens of the USSR
                                                                 according to the law text
                                      and became Stateless, Motherhoodless, Fooled…
                                      while real Humans, the evident evolutionary minority,
                                            became in average more Vigilant, Alert, Watchful,
                                            Single-Minded and Fair,
                                            Sociable, Moving, Fighting..
            until the imposition of the Constitution of the Russian Federation since December 1993,
            which declared by its article 2
            Discrimination and Genocide of Humans, the highest values, (sentence 1 of art.2)
            unless they are the citizens of Russian Federation instead (sentence 2 of art.2).
            There are no stated obligations of the Russian Federation relative to ~Humans and not citizens~.
            Hence no related Rights of Humans, regardless of the highest value of those Rights.
                  NONE. No Freedoms for Humans to realize the Rights declared for citizens.
            In full contradiction to the Universal Declaration and its Russian false mirror № 2393-I.
            A War against the United Nations Organization has been declared by Russian Federation,
            in essence. Though masked a little.
    In contradiction to the results of the Referendum on March 17, 1991,
    the life of Soviet Humans was destroyed and replaced with substandard existence.
    Complete political and economic upheaval.
    Loss of employment, citizenship, alliance, rights:
    the basic pursuit of happiness stolen by deception.

    Why are these humans unique in their refusal to accept what is dictated to them?
    Because they THINK.
    They are Humans that have a brain, and use it.
    They are capable of distinguishing Lies from Truth.
    Defending Truth - they do not automatically accept
                        what is fed to them by political frauds.
    And they are not alone:
    they are legion of Humans, thinking and feeling individuals.
    In the BIG picture, they may be a minority, but one that is not to be ignored:
    Humans… that should be admired and not dismissed.
    Humans… that have rights that need to be protected
           against the lost majority of citizens, politically corrupted,
                   that have sold their souls.

    The Symposium headquarters has worked out a set of decisions
    and will deliver, as soon as practicable, copies of them,
                  accompanied by the obtained sample copies of documents,
                                 proving the reported circumstances, -
    to the President of the USSR,
    for further consideration on the meetings.