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Announcing the SMF2+ Symposiums
to be held in:
   • Dunfanaghy, Ireland, from August 26 till September 2, 2017
   • Saint Petersburg, Russia, from September 4 till September 8, 2017,
   • Peno district, Tver region, Russia, from September 14 till September 22, 2017,
   • Denver, CO, USA, September 28, 2017 (Mediators/Networking Event),
   • Tver, Russia, from October 2 till October 6, 2017,
   • Krasnoyarsk region, Russia, from October 16 till October 27, 2017,
   • Perm, Russia, from November 6 till November 17, 2017.

Additional locations and meeting times to be determined
in ~Private Dialogues with Mediator~ board
https://smf2.info/index.php?board=15.0 .

* * * * *

The Symposiums are devoted, mostly, to
the Anniversary of the acknowledgement of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
by the adoption of the Law of the USSR
"Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms" dated September 5, 1991
and consideration of the participation of the Agencies of the United Nations Organization
in achievements of Humans in Human Rights defense process,
both before and after the announcement of deportation
of the Stateless natives of Russia from the Russian Federation
according to the Federal law dated November 12, 2012 N 182-ФЗ
~Regarding amendments to the federal law
 "Regarding the citizenship of Russian Federation"~ -

in agreement with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,
                                including art.13, art.6.


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